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Room Full Of Sinners

Written by: PP on 25/07/2007 15:34:31

When oh when will musicians learn that super groups - bands consisting of members from two or more seminal acts - hardly ever work. Velvet Revolver and Audioslave are perfect examples of bands who make generic, boring rock music, despite the credentials displayed by their band members in the past. The Cursed might not be as high profile as those two, consisting of seminal Overkill singer Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and Hades guitarist Dan Lorenzo, but the result is all the same - uninspiring, unchallanging, and boring.

The album title "Room Full Of Sinners" paints a picture of rowdy 80s rock and roll bands throwing TV's out of their wrecked hotel rooms. That picture isn't too far away from reality either, as the band plays metal n roll 'lean and mean'. Think ridiculous outfits and gimmicks on stage. The band takes pride on not having been processed through ProTools, and they sound like it too. The sound is dirty, unclear and raw, and the production is crap for a band this class, and cannot be excused for attempts of capturing a mean sound. Rise Against didn't use ProTools on their debut album and they sounded a hell of a lot better and more dangerous than "Room Full Of Sinners" does.

Perhaps I am being too harsh. But then again, maybe I'm not, and the Motörhead aping should be left to the bands who were actually around in the 80s. Like Motörhead for example. They sound dangerous and relevant even in 2007, while a band like The Cursed just deserves to be binned together with the rest of the 'super groups'.


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