The Way

Written by: PP on 06/10/2014 23:39:15

Buzzcocks. Can't believe these guys are still playing music, they're practically mummified by now, considering they were a part of the original punk scene in England back in the late 70s. Yet here we are with their ninth album "The Way", which also happens to be their first one in eight years, and it's a positively surprising encounter. Aside from the dated feel and the very real fact that Buzzcocks' style of old school punk rock England 1970s style is no longer relevant under any measure, "The Way" is still a surprisingly enjoyable album with strong melodies jammed in between more standard fare rock'n'roll tracks that do the band no favors at their old age.

Basically, "The Way" can be divided into two kinds of songs. One, the classic, simplified pub punk melodies that rely on three chords and catchy, ultra simple chorus lines. These count among themselves "Chasing Rainbows Modern Times", "In The Back", and "Keep On Believing", all quality old school punk tracks despite their echoing (quintessentially Buzzcocks) soundscape. Two, the straight up rock'n'roll tracks like "People Are Strange Machines" and the title track. These are fairly generic and could've easily been binned for a better overall album feeling. The thing is, these tracks produce no response whatsoever from the listener, whereas songs like "It's Not You" or "Saving Yourself" are sing along inducing pieces despite their totally dated and old school vibe.

Let it be clear here we're not going all the way back to the early Buzzcocks sound. We're still very much in their 2000s era albums, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. "The Way" isn't a surprising album in that sense, more so than it is for the fact that it's actually in existence considering their old age. Basically, the summary of "The Way" is rather simple: old dudes still (mostly) got it.


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Release date 01.05.2014

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