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Disappointer EP

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Chicago based indie punks Two Houses have written some fairly quirky lyrics for their sophomore EP "Disappointer", which dabbles in a variety of vocal styles and genres, resulting in four distinctly different-sounding tracks spread across twelve and a half minutes. It's a difficult EP to describe sound wise as a result, both because it varies between lo-fi indie, upbeat Midwestern punk/emo, and garage rock seamlessly, but also because it doesn't really sound like many other bands out there.

Thus, the closest parallels you're left with are other bands who write quirky lyrics like them, among them The Hold Steady, and the less known imadethismistake. Both bands utilize a similar, almost spoken-word approach to their expression, which Two Houses also take advantage during many occasions on the EP. It also feels like everyone in the band gets their part at leading the vocals, so you get some higher pitched vocals, some angry halfway screams ("Dude, Peyton Manning"), and the standard mid-range indie-flavored punk ones that we see on so many bands playing at FEST for example. The guitars are twinkly, angular and quirky much like the lyrics, but it is in the latter department that the band shines. The aforementioned "Dude, Peyton Manning", for example, is a shining example of the story-telling based self-reflection featured on all four tracks on the EP, this one about having an office job:

"Six years old, mud on my knees, I planted a fir-tree outside my elementary school. I wanted to go back when I was twenty-two, see just how much it had grown. Well I did and now it's a parking lot, but that's okay, that's okay. I spent most my time since then in parking lots anyway. Who am I to say "Fuck progress and fuck the suits?" Man, they pay my bills, I just do what they say, they pay my bills.

That said, the songs are a little bit too laid back at the moment to make a lasting impression. They are decent, and the indie-flavor on the guitars mixed with the punk ethos is exactly up my alley with several of my favorite bands utilizing more or less the same approach as Two Houses here. But despite two highlight tracks on the album, the other two don't hit home as hard. So we're left to wait until their full-length to know how consistent they will be in the future. For now, this is one of those cases of checking it out way way way before anyone else hears about it.

Download: Dude, Peyton Manning; Kanye West Doesn't Care About Chicago
For the fans of: Hammonds, Harrington & Destroy; imadethismistake; The Hold Steady, Attack In Black
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Release date 14.06.2014
Rad Girlfriend Records / Let's Pretend Records

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