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It has only been two years since the formation of Canadian hardcore supergroup Obey The Brave following the members’ exits from former bands Despised Icon, Blind Witness and Dark Rites. Despite this short amount of time, the band has already put out two full lengths; 2012’s “Young Blood” and “Salvation” which came out a couple of weeks ago on Epitaph Records. The first album was an excellent display of passionate and hard-hitting melodic hardcore and Obey The Brave stick to their guns (pun intended) on this new record.

“Young Blood” was quite a departure from the members previous musical efforts, especially frontman Alex Erian’s work with death metal/hardcore extremists Despised Icon. Regardless of which project he undertakes however, he gives an amazing performance. Although the music of Obey The Brave is not nearly as extreme as that of Despised Icon, Erian’s vocals are still aggressive as hell, and now we can actually understand what he is saying compared to the undecipherable wall of vocal brutality of his former gig. Although he does not have a big range, what is impressive about his vocals is the fact that he has the ability to change his approach considerably between projects while still maintaining the characteristic depth and thickness of his voice. Anyone who has seen him perform live can testament to the fact that he is absolutely relentless in his delivery which comes across on record as well; this man was born to scream.

The theme of “not trying to reinvent the wheel, we keep it simple, we keep it real” as stated on the track “Lifestyle” on the previous record still very much applies on “Salvation”. The music is highly energetic, passionate and melodic and it is not the exhibition of technical skill which dominates the songs of Obey The Brave, although the musicians are definitely very skilled. The metalcore riffs of “Young Blood” have been switched to more simple melodic hardcore riffs and overall the dynamics are more balanced than before. But otherwise the band’s style has remained pretty much the same with plenty of beatdown, groove, melody and lyrical themes of staying true to oneself, standing up for what you believe in and never giving up. Fans of hard-hitting, simple melodic hardcore need to check out “Salvation”.

Download: Raise Your Voice, Into The Storm, I Am Winter, Lone Wolf, Full Circle
For the fans of: Stick To Your Guns, The Ghost Inside, Bury Your Dead, For The Fallen Dreams
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Release date 16.09.2014
Epitaph Records

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