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Desolace is a new metal band from Germany who self-released its debut EP entitled “Hopebringer” earlier this year. It is an excellent first effort from the quintet who play highly technical and atmospheric djenty metal that deserves to receive attention from strong metal labels.

The EP contains five songs ranging from 4.12 to 5.40 minutes that are packed with supreme technique, pummelling brutality and soaring melodies. Despite the relatively short running time, the songs contain so much material that it takes many listens to get the full picture of what this EP really is. Desolace are great songwriters and thus the songs are not just collections of random parts messily put together; they make sense and the band does not let its supreme technical skills get in the way of solid song writing. Guitarists Marco Bayati and Michel Krause dominate with heavy riffs and astounding solos, sweeps and harmonies soaring over the intricate time signatures of drummer Danny Hofmann, which together with well placed symphonic elements create an epic, otherworldly atmosphere.

There are plenty of highlights on the EP, of which a few will be mentioned here, although it really should be listened to in its entirety. Check out for instance the apocalyptic heaviness of opener “Fear Me”, the lightning quick sweeps on “Cloudhunter” or the prog metal approach on “Chances”. Vocalist Kriss Jakob impresses with his varied performance of guttural growls and raw and desperate, yet melodic screaming, somewhat resembling the style of John Henry of Darkest Hour. At times, his accent is a bit thick as is sometimes the case with other German metal vocalists as well. It never becomes a nuisance though, and in this case it just might prove to be an asset, since it establishes somewhat of a unique quality about the band.

The music of Desolace is very current and is not particularly groundbreaking, but these German dudes sure do know how to play their instruments, and the EP is an absolute joy to listen to. “Hopebringer” is a must-have for fans of djent and epic, technical metal, and Desolace posses all the tools to become major players on the scene in the near future.


Download: Fear Me, Cloudhunter, Hopebringer
For the fans of: Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, Between The Buried And Me, The Breathing Process, Elitist
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Release date 15.03.2014

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