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Written by: TL on 24/07/2007 00:29:44

Did you like The Ramones? Maybe even a little bit? Well trust me, if you did you're gonna loooooove Kill Cheerleader, as they seem to have singlehandedly set themselves on proving that The Ramones didn't live in vain. Effectively, their debut album "All Hail" sounds like a greatly improved (yes I dare to say it) version of the old punk legends. But before we get into the album, let's detour into talking about their attitude a little. You see, Kill Cheerleader seems like a band that want's to radiate an aura of what rock'n'roll was like in an age past long before my birth. Leather jackets, studs, vintage tshirts, huge 70'ies style haircuts, V-shaped guitars.. Get the picture? Otherwise here it is.

Okay.. So.. My father just walked into my room and said "Huh? That sounds like something I could've listened to back in the day!". I think that saves me describing just how much this sounds like the 70'ies. The vocal style, attitude and low-fi production all contribute to the feeling. Now normally I would probably have issues with such a regressive sound, but this is not the case with Kill Cheerleader. You see where they differ from their idols is in the fact that they've actually managed to stay sober long enough to learn how to properly play their instruments on an admirable level. In other words they've added more metallic elements to the mix, and all over the albums there are solos and mini solos made of pure rock'n'roll-feeling and delivered in a way that seems more so than like actual metal. Think Guitar Hero stuff here. 80'ies cock-rock bands. Now if you've played Guitar Hero you'll know that nice refreshing feel of nostalgia you experience when you're playing some old classic, and it's the exact same thing that's gonna creep up your spine when you're nodding your head or brandishing your air-guitar to the sound of "All Hail". And trust me you ARE going to be doing those things if you listen to it, because that is exactly the strength of this album. Despite the regressive style, the band still manages to come up with track upon track that just irresistably commands you to rock out.

With the strenght of the record explained, I'm left with the weakness unmentioned, and it's quite simple really. You see while you're bound to enjoy this record while you have it on, the second you take it off your cd player, you're gonna realize that none of the songs really made a lasting impression on you. It's the kind of cd where you know it's cool and it appeals to you, but it just takes a long while before any of it will actually stick to your memory like really REALLY good stuff usually does. Check it out though. As I said it is refreshing.


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For the fans of: What Ramones would've sounded like if they'd had the skill add metal'n'roll elements to their sound
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Release Date 21.05.2007
Sanctuary Records
Provided by Target ApS

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