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The Sorrow And The Sound

Written by: EL on 22/09/2014 20:39:58

If I were to choose a soundtrack to an action film, “The Sorrow And The Sound” would undoubtedly be my first choice. Rarely does it happen that a band can set themselves so far apart from any kind of pigeon holing and yet Feed The Rhino appear to have created their own recognisable sound that instantly identifies them and sets them apart from the rest. Their sound flirts with metal, hardcore, ambient sounds and punk themes; the list goes on. With music like this it is unsurprising how quickly their popularity in the UK and indeed abroad has gained momentum over the past year. “The Sorrow And The Sound”, their third full-length album, has just thrown a massive curveball into the music scene.

Upon hearing the album for the first time it is evident straight away how remarkably well the album has been structured. The powerful chorus chants that are littered across the album give such power to it and the perfect rhythm and undeniable ferocity of this album make it hard to not instantly replay it.

Like a tidal wave smashing its way straight into your ears the album opens up with “New Wave” which features intense and intricate guitar riffs and vocalist Lee Tobin’s sincere and challenging roars which together make for an exciting new sound. Following the impressive opening comes “Give Up” which is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any show due to it’s energetic and passionate chants. We also get to witness the rather wonderful clean vocals of Lee Tobin, which feature heavily in “Beneath The Pride” and “Black Horse” and make for a seriously beautiful and enchanting sound. “Black Horse” especially make the hairs on your neck stand up. It’s hauntingly exceptional. “Deny And Offend” picks the pace up again by tearing through your brain with its sheer brutality and savagery as do all the other songs.

Tobin’s voice carries such emotion and passion he may well have just put himself on the pedestal for one of the best vocalists in the UK. Every instrument in this album is so on point and tight. They bring a mass of talent to the table and push the boundaries of imagination and creativity.

What sets FTR apart from the rest is that their aggression and rage isn’t a pointless or obvious aggression and their music has been well crafted and tailored. There is more to their sound than just senseless rage. This album as a whole is compelling and has a commanding presence. If you weren't convinced of their prowess until now, let this album change your mind.


Download: New Wave, Behind The Pride, The Sorrow And The Sound
For The Fans Of: Gallows, Cancer Bats
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Release Date 16.06.2014
Siege of Amida Records

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