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Animal Needs EP

Written by: PP on 10/09/2014 22:35:13

Fourth EP "Animal Needs" by Ex Friends sees the band continue doing what they do best: channeling their inner Rancid influence without necessarily imitating the band rather than the rowdy and funky atmosphere that the punk legends are known for. Their first two EPs and debut full-length have all been if not exceptional then at least very highly regarded by the punk rock community for their uncanny ability to mix rockabilly-esque, rumbling and rollicking rhythms together with the classic 90s style loose punk rock melodies and high energy delivery overall. In that sense "Animal Needs" is really no different, continuing to build a case for Ex Friends to release an extremely catchy and upbeat sophomore album sometime soon that'll surely lift them on the radar for pretty much all punk rock fans out there.

The first song starts off with some much-needed variation from the past. It's almost entirely female vocal-led, features some playful guitar tapping that recalls pop punk to some extent, and provides the band a different avenue to pursue than the Rancid style rowdy punk'n'roll atmosphere that, for example, "Real Life" offers straight after. That said, the moment "Real Life" kicks off with its high energy approach and über catchy vocal melodies, it once again becomes clear that Ex Friends are at their best when staying true to their Rancid influence. That same applies to bands like Radio Dead Ones, The Filaments, and Druglords Of The Avenues, who all follow a similar stylistic path with their own interpretations of the Rancid formula. Likewise, Ex Friends never sound like a clone rather than like a band who are merely sourcing their influence from a legendary punk rock band and having fun in the process. Because let's put it this way: Ex Friends are having tonnes of fun playing these songs on "Animal Needs" EP. "World Police" and "Fadeage (City Inspector)" both provide more fun, upbeat, catchy punk rock tunes played according to the Rancid principles. They are memorable from the first listen, demand to get your ass on the dance floor, and skank and dance away for the rest of the night.

The EP might be over in just over 7 minutes, but so far Ex Friends have been frighteningly consistent in their songwriting. While they are missing the instant charisma of a Tim Armstrong vocalist that'd push them over the edge, they're doing just fine in the small band corner of the rink, stringing together consistently awesome releases with "Animal Needs" merely being the next solid release in row from these guys.

Download: Real Life, Fadeage (City Inspector)
For the fans of: Rancid, Druglords Of The Avenues, Radio Dead Ones, The Filaments
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Release date 13.05.2014
Coolidge Records

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