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Written by: PP on 10/09/2014 21:28:00

Milan, Italy no frills pop punkers Teenage Gluesniffers are at it again on their third EP "Frames", which houses six tracks of straight forward pop punk with no bullshit or unnecessary complexion to their music. It's all about upbeat rhythms, simplistic riffs, and catchy choruses by the boatload to get you singing along and dancing around, nothing more, nothing less...just like they've been doing on their past two EPs thus far. Drawing inspiration from pretty much every single basement style no frills pop punk band since the revitalization of the genre six or seven years ago, they deliver their expression with confidence, energy, and enough melody to be worth checking out for most fans of the style.

Songs like "Notes of A Thirsty Young Man", "My Armageddon", or "Peabody Award Shithead Trophy" are all catchy, singalongable tunes that follow along the example set by other fast paced pop punk bands, rolling along in good tempo and reasonably catchy choruses to attract potential listeners left and right. It's fairly easy to like Teenage Gluesniffers - it has been throughout their releases so far - because of how easy-going the vocal hooks and guitar chords are, however, now we've heard three EPs in a row of the same, questionably snotty vocals sung over fairly catchy instrumentation and I'm starting to wonder if there is anything more to the band than just being a fairly decent pop punk upstart with an ability to write a catchy song every once in a while. The production on "Frames" EP is also slightly less prominent than on "Chinese Demography" EP two years ago, leaving behind thoughts of regression rather than progression in the end.

All that being said, there are still plenty of catchy tracks on the record to merit a decent grade overall. But the upbeat and fun consistency of the previous EP doesn't continue on "Frames" to the same extent, leaving the fan of no frills pop punk listening through the record a few times, thinking "well this is decent", and then popping on the new Banner Pilot album instead.

Download: Notes Of A Thirsty Young Man, My Armageddon
For the fans of: The Dopamines, The 20Belows, Team Stray
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Release date 27.05.2014

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