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The World Is My Enemy Now

Written by: MBC on 01/09/2014 23:59:32

Texas-based deathcore quintet Upon A Burning Body (UABB) are back with their third full length release entitled “The World Is My Enemy Now”. Following a Twitter-hoax of really bad taste a couple of months ago in which lead vocalist Danny Leal was said to be missing, the band was reprimanded by Sumerian Records owner Ash Avildsen, but apparently was not dropped from the label, since this new album is out now on Sumerian. The incident puts them in the bad company of other metal acts such as I Declare War or Emmure who have been known to engage in terrible endeavours as well, such as using pictures from the Columbine incident on t-shirts. Nevertheless, the massive amount of internet heat that UABB received following the incident seems to have died down a bit, and focus can now be shifted to the band’s new record.

With or without the controversy, UABB are not going to revolutionise the metal world anytime soon, but they sure can write groovy, hard-hitting, moshable hardcore/deathcore that, although somewhat generic, is energetic and entertaining nonetheless. There is plenty of shredding, solos, double bass and brutal vocals to make your head bang and have a good time. Danny Leal has a strong voice that ranges from deep growls to high screams. His diction is excellent, and it is rather easy to decipher his words compared to many other vocalists in similar bands. His lyrics deal a great deal with a young, angry generation ready to stand up against the world, similar to the themes of Slipknot or Chimaira, two bands that seem to be of great inspiration to UABB overall, in terms of combining aggression and brutality with melody and groove.

It is refreshing to listen to an album that just opens straight off the bat without long instrumental intros or slow starts. First track “Red Razor Wrists” starts with Leal screaming the words of a strong, personal statement: “I’m not sorry for the way that I am”, followed by heavy mid-tempo chugs that set the tone nicely for the rest of the album. “Scars” opens with killer, Slipknot-esque, fast riffs backed-up by cool instrumentals and Leal’s vocal groove. These two songs even include semi-clean choruses, which are fine contrasts to the more aggressive parts. Other highlights include the melodic death metal approach of “Pledge Your Allegiance” or the hardcore anthem title-track “The World Is My Enemy Now”, so overall I won't hesitate to recommend that you check out "The World Is My Enemy Now" for a fun time.

Download: Red Razor Wrists, Scars, Pledge Your Allegiance, The World Is My Enemy Now
For the fans of: Parkway Drive, Chimaira, Bury Your Dead, Slipknot, Structures, Chelsea Grin
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Release date 12.08.2014
Sumerian Records

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