Blaue Blume

Beau & Lorette EP

Written by: LF on 01/09/2014 21:31:10

One of the newer fast-rising names in the Danish music scene is Blaue Blume. While genre-tags for this band could include things like dramatic pop, experimental or art-rock, I mostly consider them some kind of pop rock band and an extremely ambitious-sounding one at that. I stumbled across them a while back, but after seeing them in the warm-up days of the Roskilde Festival this year, I figured I just had to write a few words about this release as well.

What is probably the first thing you'll notice when checking this band out, is the peculiar voice of their front man. While the instrumentals that back him are definitely worth paying attention to as well, that element of their music is what turned me on to them initially and what keeps me coming back. His voice is almost operatic as it swells and soars through falsetto melodies and deep notes with equal, unfaltering confidence. The slower, almost trance-inducing "Lemon Tree" is the song that showcases this range most evenly, as the others mostly keep him in falsetto territory. Both guitars and drums on every one of the five songs on this release play through intricate patterns that together weave a very rich and dreamy sound. However, the instruments always intertwine in such a way so that they leave as much space as is necessary for the vulnerable melodies of their vocalist to really shine. The songs all stand out from each other, ranging from the optimistically poppy and straightforward twirling in "In Disco Lights", to the very rhythmic and almost ominous-sounding "Lost Sons of Boys". Paradoxically, as huge as it all sounds, it also feels like every member performs with the greatest care, restraining themselves even as they build up and release the energy in each song.

I can't think of many bands, especially not in the Danish scene, that sound like this, mixing a falsetto voice with this kind of effect-laden music that also brings a band like The Smiths to mind. Since the very first time I heard Blaue Blume, I have been curious to hear more, and this desire has definitely not disappeared with time. Rather, I find that this is a gem of an EP that keeps calling me back time and again.

Download: Lost Sons of Boys, Lemon Tree
For The Fans Of: Cancer, Antony & The Johnsons, Dry The River, Jeff Buckley

Release date 02.06.2014
A:larm Music

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