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Written by: MN on 28/08/2014 23:23:33

Mutagenocide, a young quintet hailing from Oxford, are determined to make their mark on the modern thrash metal scene with their second EP "Devolve". Clearly, Mutagenocide are fans of the classic thrash formula, their music largely embodies an old flavour not unlike the Aarhus-based band Impalers. Yet Mutagenocide are not afraid of mixing things up with some groove metal and some metalcore breakdowns. This is perhaps not the most original release of the year, but a crisp production, relentless energy and a no-frills attitude easily makes up for the lack of originality. If you're into thrash metal then this is definitely up that alley. An aggressive assault of crunchy riffs, galloping pedals and angry vocals makes Mutagenocide definitely worth a listen.

Songs like "Hysteria" can best be described as a blend of Pantera, Slayer and Hatebreed. The song structure is an old classic formula with some intriguing twists and turns through tempo shifts. "Devolve" continues the formula with a pummeling double pedal. Initially, it starts to get a bit tedious, but the song completely redeems itself with a tasty dual solo in the end of the track, showcasing some creditable shredding skills. "Entombed And Swallowed" marks one of the more epic tracks of the EP, where the tempo is reduced in the intro. The song opens with some guitar fiddling and cymbal chimes, aiding to the suspense of the track. The thrash beats eventually retire the soft intro, thereby converting the track to another facemelter. "Remeron Nightmares" is easily my favourite track as every element of the band's soundscape is allowed some stage time, especially the guitars and vocals are allowed to show their potential.

Mutagenocide are a confident young thrash metal band who clearly enjoy playing their modern take on one of the pillars of heavy metal, yet there are a lot of bands out there with similar strategies, so whether or not Mutagenocide will make it big is questionable. That being said, Mutagenocide can play some pretty good thrash metal that I'd happy stand headbanging to it. It is not revolutionary music, but I guess it really doesn't need to be. Unfortunately, nothing extraordinary surfaces in my mind about Mutagenocide, therefore I merit accordingly. Perhaps it's time to take a shot at a full-length to test the endurance.

Download: Remeron Nightmares, Devolve, Entombed And Swallowed
For The Fans Of: Pantera, Impalers, Electric Hellride

Release date 04.08.2014
Studio 6 productions

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