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Truth In Sincerity

Written by: TL on 17/07/2007 22:14:05

While waiting for Yellowcard's anticipated return to form you might have done what I did, namely pass the time with the excellent "Truth In Sincerity" from Amber Pacific. Strangely many a critic across the internet has been lined up to bring these guys down, and as usual I'm going to have to be the odd man out.

You see there isn't really a single bad track on this album. The quality-span ranges from cool to awesome. Simple as that. Representing the icing on the pop-punk cake are amongst others the openers "Summer (In B)" and "Temporary" where especially the former shines with it's classic light speed punk rock beat and super-melodic chorus. "Temporary" is a more bouncy/rolling kind of song, and the following "You're Only Young Once" is more than a little reminiscent of Fastlane (at least if you deduct the violins). "Living Proof" sports verses and a chorus that could have been the work of Yellowcard in their golden days. We're four songs in and I still haven't heard anything justifying some of the low grades I've seen this album receive. Am I even listening to the same cd? Even the cheesy ballad of the album "Take Me From This Place" is completely listenable! What the f*ck?

Now granted, there is just about not a single innovative second of sound on this record, but I think that matters little when every song work was well as these do. The first single "Fall Back Into My Life" doesn't suffer from the same lack of credibility as such singles tend to, and "Runaway" takes the speed back up to the "Summer"-level. So to sum things up, then yes, it is true that this album is in no way original. It is however an album full of songs that are everything pop-punk was ever supposed to be, and it refrains from the all to ordinary overload on the "pop" part of the term. It's anthemic, it's catchy, it's melodic, it's even full speed at times and because of that it is also the best pop-punk album I have heard in a while.


Download: Summer (In B), Runaway, Living Proof
For the fans of: Yellowcard, Fastlane
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Release Date 21.05.2007
Hopeless Records

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