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Dikembe's sophomore album "Mediumship" was one of the more anticipated records during the summer, thanks to their underground cult classic EP "Chicago Bowls" from 2011 that was reissued last year as a reminder to this band's potential. Exploring quiet/loud dynamics in exactly the same introspective and complex manner as Moneen back in the day, the band seemed to have mastered a perfect balance between elements of revivalist emo, indie rock, punk rock, and atmospheric build ups that exploded into heartwrought screaming in perfect timings. Debut album "Broad Shoulders" wasn't quite as good, but still demonstrated the band's ability to channel the likes of Snowing, Algernon Cadwallader, and even Dads into a solid platform that seemed almost certain to see the band explore once word of mouth would start spreading proper.

The band's progress seemed to stall, however, and sophomore album "Mediumship" doesn't do much to return to the band to their predicted trajectory. A couple of songs like "Mad Frustrated" and particularly "24 Karats" utilize the emotionally charged, yet extremely introverted and experimental indie rock platform very well, but as a whole the album feels too tranquil and devoid of true highlight moments like those we heard on "Chicago Bowls EP" to thoroughly impress. Many songs are quiet, almost ambient tracks that spent lengthy times in the revivalist emo zone without any vocals, which would work if they were contrasted by momentous, explosive dynamics straight after. All too often this is not the case, and so instead we are left with songs that often feel a little bit slow and nothingsaying. Songs that blend together way too much. I hesitate to use the term generic, because Dikembe's music is still complex and experimental enough to render that term invalid thanks to its Brand New influence, but we're in a similar territory, just in a realm where the band seem to be trying too hard to make the songs more complicated than they really need to be in practice.

That being said, a song like "Donuts In A Six Speed" does exactly what I mentioned before with a louder section following a quiet and slow bit, so occasionally it does work. But it's simply not often enough to make it half an hour's worth of purely interesting music. "Mediumship" is thus a rather disappointing album that leaves fans of revivalist emo somewhat disappointed, even if it is a decent album nonetheless.


Download: 24 Karats, Mad Frustrated, Even Bother
For the fans of: Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, Moneen, Wavelets, Brand New
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Release date 22.07.2014
Tiny Engines

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