My New Time

Written by: PP on 17/07/2007 20:56:52

Usually the goth-influenced rock and metal bands I review tend to sound tacky, uninspiring and like clones of each other. There are exceptions, like Battlelore for instance, but those are few and far in between. The usual formula for these bands tends to be the usage of operatic female vocals and over-the-top open-ended riffs that drag on and on without any meaningful purpose. Upon the first listen Autumn too may fool you into thinking we are dealing with yet another one of those bands who can't seem to be able to think outside of the box. Luckily, a closer inspection of their new album "My New Time" proves to be a more interesting package.

But don't go into the album expecting a revolution. Female vocalist de Jong still uses those high-pitched vocals and the musicianship is still geared towards the symphonic rather than the metallic. There are some elements that suggest otherwise, though, such as the innovative use of keyboard in the best new wave manner, which ties together the raving 80s into their breed of symphonic alternative rock. There's some evidence of experimentation as well, where the riffs aren't as straightforward as they usually are in the genre. The title track is a good example of this. De Jong's vocals are warm and solid, and don't fall into the feather-thin fragile category like most female vocalists in the genre. This is a definite plus and adds much more strength and actuality into their songs. Just listen to the ready to be a radio hit "Satellites", which has a chorus to die for. Take also note of the fade-ins and fade-outs used on the keyboards bringing the discotheque feel to the song.

But despite its moments, "My New Time" still doesn't incorporate enough innovation and originality to properly separate itself from the rather over saturated genre. The band has clearly moved on from the more theatric sound of their previous albums, but more work needs to be done for them to reach a sound that can distinctly be called their own. Their songwriting talent is clearly visible on a number of tracks on the album, but there are still too many weak filler tracks that need to be groomed out, but I suspect this is only a matter of time as they develop as artists. The album is a step into the right direction though, and should be considered as a signpost for the entire genre: this is what most bands of the genre should be aiming towards.


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Release date 07.05.2007
Metal Blade
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