Broadway Killers

Broadway Killers

Written by: PP on 19/08/2014 21:17:44

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Denmark's answer to Papa Roach: Broadway Killers. And no, we're not dealing with cliché-riddled nu metal of the early 2000s Papa Roach, but rather the much more mature and hard rock driven incarnation from "The Paramour Sessions"-era onward. This Århus based trio has already received a wealth of acclaim from, among others, Bad Religion's bassist Jay Bentley, who handpicked them for supporting duties on a short European tour, and Justin Sane from Anti-Flag, who supplies guest vocals on "Blessings And Sins".

It's for reasons like these that Broadway Killers are marketed as a punk rock band, even though they're much more comfortable following the hyper-energetic and frantic path of Papa Roach throughout their self-titled debut album. With songs like "Never Gonna" and especially "With Every Lowdown Comes A Song" it's difficult to avoid such a comparison because they are virtually identical to Papa Roach output. This brings also forth parallels to The Used material from their later years, and why not also Lostprophets in places. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. I've been a vocal proponent of Papa Roach's metamorphosis from a nu metal band into a groovy hard rock band, largely thanks to the enormous amount of energy and attitude that the band started injecting into their music. That's exactly what Broadway Killers are doing here with lead singer Jakob Møller at the helm delivering an infectiously catchy roar throughout the record. He borders on full-blown screaming at times, but for the most part he is comfortable with a scratchy and hell of a loud singing style that leaves an impression every time you listen to it.

So why does Broadway Killers get away without scathing criticism for sounding pretty much identical to one of the more successful bands of the modern hard rock era? Partially because their songwriting rules. There is enough single material here to make all of their local colleagues jealous, and based on the strength of some of the aforementioned songs and others on the record, I don't see why they can't compete internationally as well. What's more, there's also variety on the record. "With Broken Fingers She Plays" is a bit of a curveball with its country lead melody and traditional instrumentation, and "Blessings And Sins" toys with unusual rhythm given Anti-Flag's Justin Sane guesting on the vocals. Overall, this is a strong debut from a band we're bound to hear more about in the future.

Download: In Front Of You, Never Gonna, With Every Lowdown Comes A Song, Blessings And Sins
For the fans of: Papa Roach, The Used, Lostprophets
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Release date 25.08.2014
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