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Written by: PP on 19/08/2014 20:36:13

The Killerhertz is a brand new Copenhagen based hard rock outfit featuring an experienced lineup that includes ex-members of Saturnus and Pitchblack among other bands. The latter two are both bands that have been on the receiving end of moderate amounts of critical acclaim, so it's fair to have relatively high expectations for debut album "A Killer Anthem" as well.

Soundwise, The Killerhertz balance on a tightrope between hard rock and heavy metal, with songs either being straight up heavy metal with hints of Megadeth influence as my fellow review corps have noted (see: "Let The Game Begin"), or textbook hard rock much like album highlights "The Fall" and "Better Days" show. These are both tracks with catchy choruses and decent riffs overall, but unfortunately in a field as crowded as hard rock decent is not going to get you very far. The term generic is constantly at the tip of my tongue while listening through the album, especially during the weaker tracks that are basically hard rock on autopilot with little to suggest that anyone not stuck in the 80s for their musical preferences should be caring beyond a single listen or two. While this isn't as obvious Guns N' Roses worship as (far too) many other national colleagues are guilty of, it's merely a manifestation of the same symptoms in a slightly different format. I mean, how many more hard rock bands looking back at an era long passed do we really need? I feel like I could name dozens in Denmark alone just from the top of my head.

This has a couple of implications for "A Killer Anthem". One, the songs being decent and okay isn't going to cut it. They need to be powerful, have character and show originality if you're going to go up against hundreds of near-identical bands especially from the European scene. Sure, their vocalist has nice pipes and can deliver his expression convincingly and with a few good melodies here and there, but it doesn't do enough to change the overall vibe of the album, which can be roughly summed up as: tired.


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For the fans of: Megadeth, generic hard rock
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Release date 26.05.2014
Target Records

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