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Shut Up

Written by: PP on 18/08/2014 23:39:05

True to their record label Count Your Lucky Stars' roster, Two Knights embed plenty of original emo vibes to their wrangled screamo that also heavily embeds elements of post-rock and math rock into their soundscape. "Shut Up", their debut album, is a collection of thirteen songs jammed in just under twenty-five minutes where hints of Damiera's playful math rock collide with vibes from the chaotic, yet beautiful arrangements by screamo revivalists in The Saddest Landscape and Pianos Become The Teeth. Occasionally, you'll hear a bit of Castevet in the mix as well thanks to the complicated arrangement of the guitars.

The songs are generally characterized by very short bursts of post-rock inspired math rock with coarse, lo-fi screams in between. The mood is highly introverted, brought by the complex stop-start sequences of intermittent melodies, buildups, and math rock passages that crash against each other in unpredictable patterns. The production is distinctly unpolished, basement style DIY work-in-progress but it has likely been left like that for a reason. It gives a sense of immediacy and urgency to the energetic and surprisingly high-tempo onslaught that the guitars crash into after many slower and more intricate passages lead the way first. One moment might be tranquil and beautiful, and the next one will bring on the crescendo, frantic shredding and more of the lo-fi style screams in a stark contrast.

This is pretty much the theme throughout the record. It's an interesting attempt to combine the original emo atmosphere with the more raw and passionate screamo revival, while also bringing in elements from other genres (math and post-rock in particular). It has its moments, but for the most part "Shut Up" is still a work in progress, largely thanks to inconsistent songwriting and a demo-ish production state. Not bad by any means though.

Download: "If It's Brocken, It's Brocken", "Just Pick A Dead End And Chill Out Till You Die", "Clark Can't"
For the fans of: Castevet, Damiera, The Saddest Landscape
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Release date 08.04.2014
Count Your Lucky Stars

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