Haunted Cities

Written by: PP on 30/07/2005 05:09:20

Tim Armstrong, the guitarist of Rancid, Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink 182, and the rapper Rob Aston make up Transplants. "Haunted Cities", the groups sophomore album, offers a lighthearted, positive take on today's mainstream rock on the radios. It sounds catchy enough to be aired on any radio channel regardless of its favored genre, as it breaks through into the hearts of nearly all listener types. Punk rockers, hip hoppers, pop rockers, and even nu-metallers will find themselves at home throughout the album. "Apocalypse Now", for instance, appeals to the punk rockers with its garageish mixture of chaos and speed, while "Killafornia" is a definite favorite of the future rappers out there with it's piano riff and rap verses.

"Haunted Cities" offers a couple of excellent songs like "Gangsters & Thugs", "Not Today", "Madness" and "I Want It All" that will raise the band into completely new heights, but it also contains some tracks that are just plain rubbish. "Hit The Fence", "Pay Any Price", and "Doomsday" (which is a complete rip off of Fun Lovin' Criminals' sound by the way) are mostly annoying to listen to.

Overall, the album offers some great chill-rock ? la Gorillaz and the chillrock legends Fun Lovin' Criminals, but it falls through with too many filler tracks that scare the listener away from the album. While "Gangsters & Thugs" is one of the coolest and most fresh tracks i've heard in a long time, it isn't enough to carry the whole album with it, not even when its complimented with the great, chaotic punk song "Not Today".


Download: Gangsters & Thugs, I Want It All
For the fans of: Fun Lovin' Criminals, Gorillaz

Release date 21.06.2005
Atlantic / Wea

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