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With echoes of late 90s post-hardcore blended in with punk rock, The Hunters from Quebec City, Canada have been swooning music fans for three albums now with the recent release of "Art Electric". They're a peculiar band in that while their expression is rooted in punk rock as a default, it's far more expansive than the usual genre confines and borrows a great deal from Thrice during their "The Artist In The Ambulance" era while also throwing in a great deal of Walter Schreifels influence from his work with Rival Schools on their classic 2001 release "United By Fate". So basically we're dealing with borderline post-hardcore in the original sense of the word, which is of course a far cry from what that term means in the modern music scene.

They are spearheaded by the emotionally charged delivery of their vocalist Dominic Pelletier, who draws parallels to Anberlin's Stephen Christian in his top-of-the-lungs shouted, yet melodic expression. He has an uncanny ability to vary his pipes from near-screaming to mid range singing in an effortless manner. This means songs like "Promises" sound explosive as his vocals erupt powerfully during the verses, but elsewhere we are met with a far more subtle, smoky deliver that recalls the brilliant depth-laden material by Crime In Stereo and even Daytrader during a few passages on the album. Throw in some Rise Against style melodies, just without the melodic hardcore platform of that band, and there are enough name drops here to make any music fan interested in just what is going on during "Art Electric". What we're left with is a post-hardcore influenced expression that sounds a little bit like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus classic "Don't You Fake It" from 2006, just without the emo vibes and the melancholia of that band.

Most importantly, "Art Electric" is an album packed with depth throughout. The melodies are intelligent and challenging, and require more than just a few listens before they open. But like most other grower-type albums, once they do, the reward is overwhelming. There are enough great tracks here to feed an army of 90s alternative rock fans who desire just a little tiny bit of post-hardcore and/or punk undertones in their soundscape, which suggests great thing are in store for The Hunters in the future. It wouldn't even be surprising to find "Art Electric" on a few end-of-year lists come December this year, that's how good some of these melodies are.


Download: Connecticut, Roadworn Heart, Runaway, Postcards & Golden Lovers
For the fans of: Thrice, Crime In Stereo, Daytrader, Rival Schools, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
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Release date 13.05.2014
Black Numbers

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