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Say Yes To Love

Written by: PP on 11/08/2014 20:39:44

The usual suspects are at it again hyping up yet another noisy, garage stage post-punk band as the saviours of punk rock when in reality we're dealing with a group that can barely play their instruments. Or at least that's what it sounds like on "Say Yes To Love", which has to be the most noisy and messy album I've come across since becoming acquainted with the equally overhyped Fidlar and Savages in recent years. Perfect Pussy fits that group of artists perfectly with a little bit of early iceage thrown in for good measure, which has of course earned them plenty of praise from the likes of Pitchfork while the rest of us see straight through this hipster bullshit and its faux pas attempt of utilizing purposefully lo-fi production from a real studio to make it sound oh-so-DIY and mysterious.

Granted, Perfect Pussy deliver their super hipster take on post-punk with a sense of urgency and immediacy throughout the album. That much can be said as a fact. It's frenetic, chaotic, and unpredictable, with cymbals crashing everywhere in the midst of effect-laden distortion that leaves the whole soundscape totally messy and crazy in the process. Songwriting is forgotten in brief, two-minute bursts of chaos where melody is flipped the bird in favour of attitude- and guitar-driven noisy distortion that ends up sounding like pure noise instead. It's super hipster and 'underground', but it is that on purpose, so it never feels genuine rather than pretentious. If you've ever heard a Converge record you know exactly how honest musicianship sounds like despite the absolute and relentless chaos that their sound represents. Here, there's just a sense of artsy-fartsy amidst the distortion, and nowhere else is that more visible than on the lo-fi screeches of album closer "VII" with its politically charged spoken word messages buried underneath ear-puncturing distortion and Sonic Youth worship.

So what to take away from "Say Yes To Love" in the end? Well, for starters, it is noisy. Very, very noisy. It is also played with attitude. And sometimes those two things are all it takes to write a good album. Sometimes it results into an unrecognizable mess that is for some reason hyped to hipster-heaven by some people, while the rest of us listen, think "well this is OK", and move onto other records, like the latest one by Fucked Up for example.


Download: Bells, Interference Fits, Big Stars
For the fans of: iceage, Fidlar, Savages, Sonic Youth
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Release date 18.03.2014
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