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Dreamer/Deceiver is a young band from Ottowa, Canada formed just last year. Earlier this year they released their debut EP “Generations” on We Are Triumphant, a label taking chances on many new metal/hardcore bands at the moment, and this EP is one of the better recent releases on the label. Dreamer/Deceiver is a rather talented band that plays djenty metalcore that is good, although not offering anything new or particularly noteworthy. This style of music is beginning to become very played out and it seems like many new bands are just following the same paths instead of innovating it and taking it to the next level. Dreamer/Deceiver is a band with a lot of potential, but is clearly still in its infancy in regards to creating a style that is fully their own.

“Generations” consists of six songs including a one minute long ambient track called “Interlude” in the middle of the EP. The five other songs pretty much sound the same with the staccato riffs mixed with melodic guitar parts and triggered drum base that dominate the genre. The vocalist screams in the same mid-to-high pitch throughout. His performance is decent although very repetitive and there is something about his pitch that becomes a little tiring to listen to after a while. Furthermore, his vocals seem to be oddly positioned in the mix, which makes it sound like he has a filter over his voice. His projection is a bit muddled, and it is pretty much impossible to understand his words.

So many bands include ambient tracks on their releases and sometimes they do serve a purpose and work well. In the case of the aforementioned track “Interlude” it just seems superfluous and is pretty much filler material. However, the remaining five songs are decent and show a band that should be able to have a fine career, especially with a label like We Are Triumphant backing them, if they can establish a creative outlet that is a little more poignant and interesting.


Download: Induction, Tempest, Ascendance
For the fans of: Volumes, A Call to Sincerity, After the Burial, Northlane
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Release date 11.03.2014
We Are Triumphant

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