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Written by: BV on 24/07/2014 22:29:37

Without any sort of pomp and circumstance, the enigmatic noise-rock duo The Raveonettes released their newest album ”Pe’ahi” just a few days ago – much to my surprise, as their albums usually garner quite a lot of hype. These are new times apparently, and “Pe’ahi” does boast a sound that is somewhat different from what listeners might have come to expect of The Raveonettes. Still under the control of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, The Raveonettes are apparently stretching the boundaries of what sounds they can achieve on this eighth studio album from this particular moniker.

There is still a brick-wall of distortion present, along with the flood of reverb that accompanies Wagner and Foo’s soft, underplayed vocals. “Endless Sleeper”, the album’s opener, is an excellent example of just this. Moving from the incredibly fragile, almost ethereal sounds that are constantly moved forward by the pulsing beat of the drum-machine over to the sonic assaults of their brick-wall reminiscent, hard-hitting distortion mayhem, “Endless Sleeper” has come to signify everything The Raveonettes can currently be associated with; sound-wise, that is.

“Killer in the Streets” has a funkier vibe to it, constantly driven forward by a pulsing bass-rhythm that is quite reminiscent of something you might hear at some sort of beach-party – only to then be infused with yet another layer of near-cacophonic distortion mayhem. That the album most likely takes its name from Pe’ahi Beach comes as no surprise when one gives the album more than one listen. There is an airy vibe present; some sort of carelessness, if you will, which fits perfectly into that frame of mind one would usually associate with a beach that is, apparently, quite adored by surfers and the like. And then the whole thing turns on a plate and we, as listeners, are hurled right back into the gutting melancholy that The Raveonettes so often conjure up by tracks like “When Night is Almost Done” and “A Hell Below”.

I’m still not a huge fan of the sort of in-organic feel that the newer material from The Raveonettes usually holds as a key element – for instance the usage of electronic elements, drum-machines and so on. However, when it works, it works well and that is praise that I have to give them regardless. While their 2012 album “Observator” seemed to be a sort of hit and miss affair to me, “Pe’ahi” is, regardless of their broadening of musical inspirations, a much more solid and coherent affair which, to be honest, has very few immense highlights, yet holds a generally high level of songwriting craftsmanship. I’m surprisingly impressed by this album and when all is said and done, I could probably get used to their usage of electronic elements, if the songwriting stays on this level or evolves further.


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Release date 22.07.2014
Universal Music

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