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Written by: BV on 24/07/2014 22:27:57

Not a long time seemed to pass before Electric Moon followed up on their ”Mind Explosion” album. The ever-productive, seemingly hyperactive space-rock trio from Germany never ceases to amaze me with the speed and consistency with which they release records. Hot on their heels, they have now returned with the album “Innside Outside” – a spacious piece of work consisting of the two tracks “Innside” and “Outside”. Both of which are more than 15 minutes long, effectively taking up a side of the vinyl record each.

The album opens with “Innside” in a quite familiar, 70’s inspired German space rock way. Some spacious keyboard work seems to get things going whilst the various bubbling, pulsating and crazy electronic noises add a genuine space-rock feeling to it all. The drumming is as intense as ever, constantly driving the music forward in their usually improvised manner. Following this buildup, the whole band joins in at around the five minute mark, unleashing a psychedelic drone that could easily be audio side of an alien invasion, marching across the planet. It’s eerie, it’s powerful and it is predominantly trippy. The track builds towards an assault of stoner-psych that is filled with high intensity, and exemplifies that really threatening kind of space-rock that is as vicious as it is endearing.

But if those were the sounds of “Innside”, then what will “Outside” be like? Well, the ominous themes continue and, if anything, Electric Moon move into one of the darkest territories they’ve been to yet, in their quest for total sonic domination. It is definitely not feel good music at all, but it is immense and powerful, which would probably make it appeal even more to the stoner-rock crowd, rather than the sunshine-psychedelic surge of neo-psych fans. The riffs are immense and, as it turns out, Electric Moon seem to have found a path sound they will probably continue along for a while. The dark tones of “Mind Explosion” have evolved into a roaring space rock assault on “Innside Outside”. I can’t help but wonder what will come next, but I have no doubt that it will probably become even more immense. I feel like there could have been made room for more spacious, sort of trance-inducing space rock. But Electric Moon have found this path, and it will be exciting to hear them follow it nonetheless.


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Release date 27.05.2014
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