They Came From The Sun

Written by: PP on 27/06/2007 03:27:49

While I'm on the roll reviewing bands sounding vastly different from the material I usually spend my time listening to, I figured I'd give a go at Yourcodenameis:Milo's sophomore album "They Came From The Sun" because it had been lying around my desk for such a long time seemingly without a purpose. So throw on your 70s sunglasses and Led Zeppelin shirts, because "They Came From The Sun" pays tribute to that 'golden era of music' with a touch of post-hardcore and indie rock.

My biggest problem with this album is that it starts so goddamn strong that it can't keep up after the first three songs. "Pacific Theater" is like straight from the Wolfmother debut album starting from its adrenaline-filled Led Zeppelin-inspired riffs and the faded back nasal vocals, and is by far the best track on the album. It bears so many similarities to Wolfmother's successful formula that it's hard to understand why Milo hasn't topped the charts already, considering how the song is made out of the same modernized oldschool rock and roll as their Australian colleagues' music. "All That Was Missing" tones down a bit on the Wolfmother-influence, though vocalist Mullen still sounds like a mixture of Matthew Bellamy (Muse) and previously mentioned Wolfmother vocalist Andrew Stockdale. "Understand" is a fast rocker, and pushes the boundaries of post-hardcore influenced indie rock just as much as the two preceding songs. But from here on, the songs start to become too experimental and too innovative, as if the band forgot that while it's great to write experimentalist music, somewhere along the way it must be appealing to the public as well, who ultimately judge whether your music is good or not. "Sixfive" is a staggering example of forgetting about writing a good song and focusing merely on avant-garde experimentation, as it could be on a Portugal. The Man album and still sound strange. "Translate" suffers from that exact same problem. And though Mullen tries to rescue the rest of the album with some explosive vocals on "Take To The Floor", the momentum has already been lost and as a listener I'm ready to disregard the rest of the album and switch into something more exciting.

It's unfortunate that the band constantly tries to over-smart themselves song after song, because by sticking to the sound of the first three or four songs we could have really been onto something here. Especially the last part of the album is painful to suffer through, because song after song, the band keeps getting more and more experimental while getting less and less relevant. The critics of Wolfmother proclaimed that they were simply sampling their uncle's record collections, but at least their whole album was amazing. It's a shame "They Came From The Sun" doesn't match up, because the potential was there.

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Release date 02.04.2007

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