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Morning Wood

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Okay, so apparently farmer metal is a thing now? According to the bio of Swiss band Voice of Run it is, claiming that the band was started in 2008 by five farmers with the desire to play metal (horny farmer metal). The band released its self-titled debut album in 2011 with their sophomore full length release out now on Tenacity Music. Besides the dubious predicate of farmer metal, the band plays modern, melodic death metal/metalcore.

Much like with the obvious source of inspiration The Black Dahlia Murder (TBDM), this is music to have fun and drink beer to. The band operates within a silly universe of sex, alcohol and rock n’roll (and farm animals). This is made apparent on the beautifully painted album cover which depicts four naked ladies petting and feeding a bull that seems to be enjoying itself. With an album title like “Morning Wood”, song titles like “Party Hard”, “Cock’n Bulls”, “Sex For Free” and “Big Dick” and made up names for the band members, such as Randy Bull and Tony Cock, this is probably not the deepest, most serious stuff in metal.

However, Voice of Ruin knows how to write quality metal that is both brutal and melodic, and fans of aforementioned TBDM and bands such as Lamb of God or As I Lay Dying should be able to find some enjoyable stuff on “Morning Wood”. This is a band that would probably be great to watch at a metal festival with huge mosh pits in front of the stage. It has a great energy that you know will be awesome to experience live. Vocalist Randy Bull has a good growl that follows the music well, but he cannot hold a candle to vocalists like Trevor Strnad or Tim Lambesis. In a few instances he is accompanied by bassist Erwin Van Fox who sings clean vocals, but these are very weak points and seem oddly out of place. The instrumentation is great though with technical, fast and melodic riff-o-rama and solos and lots of double bass that is bound to get some heads moving.

Anything the band does, other bands have done better, but this is quite an enjoyable, albeit not particularly memorable album. The songs flow well together, but do not offer any real stand out incredible moments. Check out “Morning Wood” for some fun rocking.

Download: Party Hard, The Rise of Nothing, Cock’n Bulls, Big Dick
For the fans of: The Black Dahlia Murder, Revocation, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying
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Release date 25.04.2014
Tenacity Music

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