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Come the Day

Written by: BW on 01/07/2014 02:44:23

Egil Holm is a very talented man. The Danish musician does everything himself, from writing the songs to performing every instrument you hear on his EP. It’s all fair and well having that ability, but can he produce the good tunes to back it up?

“Come the Day” is the title track and it plods along ok. The beat is basic, as well as the guitar work and singing. I do like the almost video game style intro notes beforehand, so it alleviates the predictability a little, but the sad truth is that you already have a feeling of generic band styles in this. Even the length of the song itself is of an industry standard and I get this feeling of worry in that even though this is a labour of love for him, the passion just isn’t coming through to the music from a fan’s perspective.

“All the While” is a slower paced song and is almost in a Southern Rock kind of style, as in it would be something you would expect Nickelback to do for a chart song that hardcore people turn their noses up at, that kind of thing. Again that underlying feeling of not getting the emotions through rears its head. The drum beat is basic, guitars are minimalistic and it just doesn’t grab me.

You start listening to “The Weight of Time” and there is no getting away from the fact it is a ballad. The vocals are the main starting point and are accompanied by very little for the first 30 seconds or so and then we get our main musical parts coming in. There are some issues with some choral work lasting a little too long and I do personally think Egil does sing a little too low for this song’s own good. It starts to kick in after about 2 minutes at least, but the damage has already been done, as I defy anyone to listen to a song they don’t like to get to the good part.

“I Have to Go” at least has a little bit of punch to it. I can feel something coming from the sum of the parts, which is a huge relief, as we’re getting somewhere. The chords used feel a little more varied and there is some sign of promise coming from it. It’s not to say it is perfect. Again the pace of it seems just a little slow for my liking, but it is certainly an improvement. “Like Marrow to the Bone” gets that message by giving me something a bit more punchy, but when you consider we are now 5 songs into a 6 track EP you feel it is too little, too late here. The saddest thing is that even with the pace and the right instruments involved, the end result isn’t quite punchy enough. Listen to a song like this from the Foo Fighters or Airbourne and you get that sense of excitement. It just never materialises here.

“Given The Choice” brings up the rear and I’m sure the initial three chords are the same ones used in “Come the Day” and it is another slow one. If I’m honest it just sounds like the rest of the album and it results in something a little tired and not something I would want to go back to. I admire Egil and the fact he can do something a lot of us could only dream about in playing everything on an album and putting it together, but may I draw your attention to a Mr Dave Grohl and the things he has done on his own. I hope he finds a will to carry on and gets that magic formula right, as bear in mind this is his first major attempt and not many people get it right first time. He’s talented in many ways musically, but when it is all put together at this moment in time, it just doesn’t quite work.


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Release date 06.06.2014
Self Released

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