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In Hearts Wake's latest album "Earthwalker" feels much like a direct sequel to their last break out album "Divination" from two years ago. Taking the bombastic metalcore of the likes of fellow countrymen Parkway Drive and Northlane and liberally injecting it with soaring clean vocals and mesmerising dreamlike guitar melodies makes for a gripping sonic landscape. Their unique message of preservation and protection of the Earth and it's environment certainly also adds a lyrical depth that's rare to find in a genre filled with superficial content.

"Earthwalker" is perhaps the most fitting of introductions. From the nuanced feel of the razor edged instrumentals that combines some djenty chops to glistening lead guitars, or Jake Taylor's powerful guttural screams that are quickly contrasted with the smooth vocals of bassist Kyle Erich, to the intricate layering that's brimming with atmosphere, there's a very jaunty sense the band are clearly not fooling around. They mean every note, every word, and credit is due for their consistency as well.

"Divine" and "Gravity" moves and pulls the listener in similar fashion whilst still sounding surprisingly fresh in their execution. The melodies in particular are consistently strong and at times otherworldly in their presence, exemplified impressively with the mightily catchy "Afterglow". The late burner "Wildflower" though trumps all with a steady and poignant build up that culminates into an epic ending that leaves an undoubtedly lasting impression.

In Hearts Wake continue to bolster their environmental identity helped endless by the fact that there's no sense of cheap gratification or gimmicks to be found on "Earthwalker", and the resulting metalcore feels clean with no excess. This aspect of the album is particularly rewarding when given that the ingredients used are no more than what most other bands in the trade utilise with less thought.


Download: Divine, Afterglow, Wildflower
For the fans of: Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, The Color Morale, Erra
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Release date 02.05.2014

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