The Destruction Of Small Ideas

Written by: TL on 25/06/2007 22:51:24

Reviewing an album that is completely instrumental or at least almost so is always going to feel like watching the special olympics. I know that sounds like a terrible thing to say about instrumental bands, and even a terrible way to start a review, but stick with me please, I promise there'll be plenty of superlatives later on.

You see my point is, that when a band like 65daysofstatic drops a cd like "The Destruction Of Small Ideas" on your ears it's exactly like listening to music like you always do and then it's nothing like listening to music like you always do. Listening to progressive instrumental post-rock like I would dare to say this is, can be compared to observing natural phenomena, like staring at the sea or the stars or the dawn. What I mean is that, even though it's perfectly normal and you see it every day of your life, the moment you stop to wonder about it, it's bound to strike you with it's immense beauty.

That's how I feel about this record. Like looking at the sea or the sky or the stars, I could glance it a thousand times over and find nothing out of the ordinary, but if I just once give it some deeper thought, it will surround me completely, induce a trancelike state of mind, and end up leaving me dazzled. Technically this album is driven in turn by guitars, piano and electronics, gliding effortlessly in and out of each other and in and out of moods, passages and tempos, all influencing me heavily towards the earlier utilizations of terms like "stars" and "oceans". The soundscape is subtle but enthralling, like a sirensong, gradually calling you stronger and stronger and eventually drowning you in the depths. It is obviously the kind of music that inspires poetry in the listener.

Like a floaty cloud-cocktail of Tool, The Mars Volta and a million other bands, from which no vocals thunder till on the very last song, the album will glide through your speakers and your consciousness. The drawback is, that when it does so, the lasting impression it leaves is just not that strong. Cynically speaking, this is the kind of stuff you would listen to and think "cool, good stuff" and then never ever get around to putting on again. Even though it's good, without the vocals it still needs something to captivate the listener and draw him into the music, and that something is unfortunately not present enough on this effort.


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Release Date 30.04.2007
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