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Howler from Minneapolis received a boatload of hype for their vivid guitar-driven soundscape on their debut album "America Give Up" two years ago, so much so that the anticipation surrounding their sophomore record "World of Joy" has been blown partially through the roof by the usual suspects in the British media. Listening through the ten track album it's not difficult to hear why. The band basically sound like Brit rock taken back to the echoing roots of 90s style alternative rock, complete with hipster vibes and post-punk ethos heavily in play when it comes to the production values.

It its essence, it's like a weirdo mix of the former with The Strokes style indie/garage rock hybrid blended in for good measure. It's fuzzy and distortion-driven, bringing to mind the warmth of bands like The Replacements and Superchunk as well. It's a buzzing, lively sound that's simultaneously upbeat and fun as it is yearning and soulful. Songs like "Drip" and "Louise" impress with the usage of extend vocal melodies; "Don't Wanna" does the same with its inherit simplicity and the whole brat vibe of the lyrical universe. Elsewhere, "Here's The Itch That Creeps Through My Skull" provides a different outtake to the same sound in a more balladic format, but it works well here too. It's not amazing, but throughout the record you can identify with the band and their expression enough to want to put the CD on repeat listens.

While this sort of 90s revivalism is very much in right now, few do it with a purposefully echoing, laid-back soundscape as Howler. Most others seem to go for the croons and the grungy vibes of the era, here we get a more buzzing response instead. It's a fun record,and one that's sure to be loved by the Pitchfork crowd, and this time, also by others as well.


Download: Drip, Don't Wanna, Louise
For the fans of: The Replacements, The Vaccines, Superchunk, The Strokes, Deerhunter
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Release date 24.03.2014
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