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Elemental EP

Written by: PP on 21/06/2014 15:16:25

In a quiet and totally DIY fashion, a punk rock supergroup has quietly formed underneath the moniker Great Collapse. The band features singer Thomas Barnett (Strike Anywhere), guitarist Chris Chasse (Rise Against), bassist Joe Saucedo (Set Your Goals), and drummer Kyle Profeta (Comeback Kid), and someone called Tom, whose identity I wasn't able to decipher. Did I catch your attention yet? That's one hell of a group of musicians from some of the best bands in punk rock from the last 10 years, and as such, it's absolutely no surprise to find their debut EP "Elemental" to be very good indeed.

So how does a group consisting of members from such different styles sound? Well, at first, the impression is that they are virtually a carbon copy of Strike Anywhere. Opener "Blood, Bread & Roses" could've easily been on one of their albums, and track two "Civic Disassociation" is indistinguishable from Strike Anywhere material. This is because Thomas Barnett's vocal style is one of the most recognizable within the genre thanks to its raw, explosive nature that sees him screaming full-blast but without making the words indecipherable in the process. He adds a ridiculous amount of melody into his ravaging scream, so it sounds awesome either way, and this song is the highlight of the EP anyway so why are we complaining? The last SA album came out in 2009. I'm just saying.

But soon after it becomes clear that all members contribute to the songwriting process. "Quarantine", for instance, sounds like a Set Your Goals song with its upbeat chorus, even if the verse melody is naturally more coarse with Thomas Barnett at the helm. Similarly, "Protection" draws from Ignite (and by extension, Rise Against) with its cleaner melody designed for bigger stages, whereas "Breathe" takes some cues from Comeback Kid style hardcore with its high-octane speed, gang-shouts, and hardcore-based approach overall. The risk is of course that the EP loses its focus, but because of Barnett's brilliant expression, the red thread is kept even as different styles of punk and hardcore are explored instrumentally and songwriting-wise. But in all honesty, do you really need convincing with that lineup? It's just as good as it sounds.


Download: Civic Disassociation, Quarantine
For the fans of: Strike Anywhere, Hear The Sirens, After The Fall, Rise Against, Ignite
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Release date 11.03.2014

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