Wishing Well

Written by: PP on 17/06/2014 23:42:22

Here's another record that's been in my inbox for way too long. Dreamtigers, the songwriting collaboration between Jake Woodruff and Andrew Gary, has received some hype thanks to the lineup including two members of wave-style melodic hardcore group Defeater (Woodruff and Joe Longobardi) and a slew of guest appearances on the record ranging from members of Caspian to Polar Bear Club.

"Wishing Well", as their debut album is called, sees Woodruff & co explore entirely different soundscapes from their main band, so much so that had you not checked the biography beforehand, you'd have no chance in knowing there are members of hardcore bands in this group. Instead of screaming and back-chilling melodies, Dreamtigers is a project relying on soothing indie/singer-songwriter with the occasional influx of louder electric guitar for good measure. Opening track "Just A Game", for instance, features quiet violins on the background, whereas "Go Forth Alone" is extremely relaxing with its piano backed melodies. The vocals are clean and like straight off any indie band you can name of (Fleet Foxes is one name I've seen mentioned in connection with Dreamtigers), which is also different of course.

But what about quality? There are okay songs on "Wishing Well" but in all honesty, there just isn't very much going on, if you discount for the multi-layered instrumentation. The songs aren't particularly catchy, and just float along in a fluffy, softened soundscape without making much of a long-term impression. Yes, a track like "Letting Go" opens with soulful vocals and contemplative guitar plucking, but it feels like it doesn't go to many places in the end. Indie rock lovers may disagree, but this review is also written more from a Defeater fan's perspective. But in all honesty, even from the objective angle the songs are only decent, but not in any danger of penetrating anyone's end-of-year lists this year.


Download: Never Know, Go Forth Alone, Empty Roads Pt. I
For the fans of: Murder By Death, Fleet Foxes, Copeland
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Release date 25.02.2014
Broken Circle Records

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