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Before Sunrise EP

Written by: HES on 31/05/2014 15:22:23

Before Sunrise is the first EP from Danish Climb it Baby!. Now I judge EP's on whether a band manages to present themselves and a sound that's distinctly their own on a limited amount of numbers. Producing a decent EP can therefore actually be a bigger challenge, because no song can be a filler and no song can stray from the set thematic of the EP. Now why am I writing all of this? Well because sometimes an EP does all of this and "Before Sunrise" is one of them.

Climb it Baby's soundverse is gritty noise-rock. The album has been recorded on oldchool reels so to say the least; the sound is lo-fi as hell. Singer Dan Joe's voice is quite low in the mix, which I'm not particularly a fan of normally - but for this genre I'll accept it. His vocals range from a low masculine voice up to androgynous singing perfectly blending into an actually quite instrumental composition. The songs are probably for the same reason not your average two and half minutes radio-length, but range all the way up to close to seven whole minutes. Now, usually you would get bored with songs of this length, but the stoned'ish mood and 70's drone-elements put you in the "turn on, tune in, drop out"-headspace that just makes the repetitiveness and long guitar-driven instrumental breaks a welcomed time for a bit of "zoning out".

For the first time in a while, I keep finding blues/soul-elements on this EP. Now blues is accredited with being the cradle of rock-music, but these days it's hard to find the link anymore. But the absolutely brilliant use of elements such as an organ on "Still Want You" sets me back at least 50 additional years. The sound is brilliantly distorted so that it doesn't ring as clean as the short revival of organs in the 70's by bands such as Deep Purple, Doors or Animals; The organ mixes into the lo-fi. The more listens this album is awarded, the more it opens up and the listen ends up seeming a lot more complex. Overall this is the closest an EP has been to match this scribe's criteria for what an EP should offer. Solid work!


Download: Still Want You, Devil's Misery, Home, The Moon
For The Fans Of: Raveonettes, The Sonics, A Place To Bury Strangers

Release date 16.06.2014

Note: This song is not from the EP as it has not yet been released

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