Leave A Light On

Written by: PP on 20/05/2014 23:09:31

Ok hands up who thought we'd never see these guys record again? A few of you? I guess after the reunion show at Groezrock a couple of years ago it was inevitable, but let's be honest here: it has been nine years since the previous 7Seconds album "Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!"; the one before that came out in 1999. So yeah, it's been a while since the 80s / early 90s legends have been properly active in terms of studio albums. Fronted by the enigmatic Kevin Seconds, they spearheaded the 80s hardcore scene, though never achieved a similar level of fame as many of their counterparts in the New York Hardcore scene at the time. Their influence on the straight edge sub culture has been clear and long-lasting though, and as a result any release bearing the 7Seconds name bears a significant amount of respect from those in the know.

For their 15th studio album "Leave A Light On", we see 7Seconds continue on a clean vocal based, upbeat hardcore punk journey that's similar to the likes of H2O and Bouncing Souls (if they played faster and harder). You'd expect them to be rusty after such a long pause from recording, but the breadth of strong material and catchy songs on what is essentially a hardcore punk record is nothing short of impressive. "Slogan On A Shirt", "I Have Faith In You", and the anthemic gang shouter "30 Years (And Still Going Wrong)" are all up there when talking about the best 7Seconds songs at least in this scribe's mind. That they pick up with others like the title track and "Your Hate Mentality", not to even mention the woo-hoo track "My Aim is You" speaks volumes about why this band is considered to be among the very best in the history of the genre, and why they have been sorely missed in the time that they've been gone. Politically charged, socially aware lyrics complete the classic 7Seconds expression as we remember it from the good ol' days before punk music was fashionable.

The guitars are heavy in melodic treble, and otherwise recall a similar level of aggression as Descendents do on their heavier records, whilst the vocal delivery is energetic, explosive even during the right moments. The songs are incredibly catchy, demanding instant shout-alongs despite the crunchy guitar melodies being far heavier than anything you'd hear on a pop punk album. In fact, listening to "Leave A Light On" is like going on a trip down the memory lane straight back to early 90s, and is basically the answer to questions like "how did 90s punk bands gain their melodically inclined sound?" and "what is the link between melodic punk and hardcore?". This record is the perfect join between punk and hardcore, taking the positive melodies of the former and the spirit and anger of the latter, linking them together in a memorable, instantly recognizable fashion. In short, this is a record that no 7Seconds fan can feel disappointed about, what a tour de force and an impressive comeback album.

Download: 30 Years (And Still Going Wrong), Slogan On Shirt, I Have Faith In You, Leave A Light On, Your Hate Mentality
For the fans of: H2O, Bouncing Souls, Gorilla Biscuits, Adolescents, Descendents
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Release date 27.05.2014
Rise Records

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