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I don't know if it was ever possible to say that grindcore was in, but recently the genre has seen a resurgence of new bands within Denmark, amongst them Gestapolis from Copenhagen. Body, meet human-sized cheese grater. Cheese grater, meet your next helpless target. Now proceed to rub against each other at visceral speeds as brutally and chaotically as possible. That's basically the summary for "Amagerland", the debut album by these crazy grindcore dudes that won't take no for an answer as they mercilessly pound through a brick wall styled expression in 20 minutes spread across 14 tracks.

The heaviest, most nonsensical grindcore expression possible complete with pig squeals, ultra breakneck speed tempo, and insane vocals has been the objective throughout the record. Screaming is chaotic, growling receives prime time coverage, and guitars grind like there's no tomorrow. Think Brutal Truth style expression with few elements similar to Piss Vortex (upcoming Copenhagen grindcore), and of course references to plenty more grindcore greats in the process. Why the deathcore style pig squeals make a frequent appearance throughout the record I have no idea, because without these the international grind scene could also be interested in the brutalized, occasionally groovy expression on display on "Amagerland".

Is it one of the heaviest albums you'll hear from Denmark this year? Quite probably. Is it noteworthy grind on the other hand? Not particularly. It's standard fare within the genre with a few glimpses of promise hidden within. It's fucking brutal, fast, and aggressive, so I guess many grind fans will be satisfied, but variety wouldn't hurt.


Download: Mutually Assured Destruction, Blod, Deer Hunter
For the fans of: Piss Vortex, Brutal Truth
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Release date 13.12.2013

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