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Wake Up EP

Written by: PP on 20/05/2014 22:20:35

As unlikely as it might sound based on their ridiculously lame name, Awesome Mr. Powerwolf from Sorø, Denmark are actually pretty damn awesome on their debut EP "Wake Up". I've long been raving about the sad state of the Danish rock'n'roll scene in various reviews over the years given its stale tendency to attempt to clone Guns N' Roses and/or 70s cock rock bands without an ounce of originality found within, but recently we've heard somewhat of a resurgence with bands like Black Book Lodge and Förtress reminding us what rock music used to be all about: the sweet, delicious guitar licks and attitude-driven vocals that don't forget to sound awesomely melodic and catchy in the process.

And that, my friends, is something "Wake Up" EP does very well. Similar to Förtress, it delivers its groove-laden rock'n'roll expression with a tongue-in-cheek atmosphere that doesn't take itself so overtly seriously, which has otherwise been a problem with many a Danish rock band attempting to play this style. That's why the 70s oriented solos sound so killer, and the retro style vocals exhibit a soulful, warm expression throughout the four-track record. Even the more balladic nature of "Love" works extremely well - and it is here where vocalist Rasmus Cundell shows the true capacity of his range and technical ability. Everything from throat-aching screams to relaxed, soothing vocals are on display amidst lengthy instrumental sections where the guitarists get to show off their skills in turn. It is all is convincingly put together and professionally recorded, leaving a tasty, southern fried flavor in your mouth as you leave the four tracks of the album behind. Yet because of the relative length of the album at 20 minutes spread across four tracks, it feels just the right length to get a proper introduction to the songwriting talent these boys possess.

While four songs might be too early to make any predictions about the future, these babies on "Wake Up" certainly make the case that Awesome Mr. Powerwolf will soon be buzzed about very much in the same manner as Förtress are right now. Be among the first and re-discover quality rock'n'roll in Denmark before your friends do.

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For the fans of: Förtress, Red Fang, Thin Lizzy, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, Wolfmother, Rival Sons, Loud N Rowdy
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Release date 15.09.2013

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