Lemlæstet Fosterbræk

Phantom Pimp EP

Written by: PP on 10/05/2014 16:41:31

Lemlæstet Fosterbræk is a new Danish grindcore outfit featuring members of hardcore/punk bands Mighty Midgets and Telt 22, whose name roughly translates to Mutilated Fetus Vomit. Their debut EP "Phantom Pimp" consists of six tracks, the first one of which is unusually long for grindcore clocking in at over three and a half minutes, whereas the remaining five race by in less than 40 seconds each. It's a fairly standard grindcore expression based on playing as fast, as brutal, and as chaotically as possible to arrive at an insane soundscape which, if played to an elderly person, would probably cause a heart attack or some other coronary disease.

Think d-beat style drumming, insane shredding, and a combination of senseless screaming and guttural growling and you've pretty much got the idea. What's interesting about the release is that none of the guys are really from metal or a grindcore background, which means their hardcore punk influence is showing on especially the shorter tracks. Where grindcore bands tend to shatter your eardrums with constant blast-beast pummeling, Lemlæstet Fosterbræk have a slightly more varied expression, using riffs and grooves on occasion to make sense of the chaos. The highlight part is probably on the bonus track "Metal Is For Pussies", where the band use non-distorted guitar in the end for a little playful session. I think it could've been interesting to hear this style used in the midst of the brutal grindcore sections a little more.

Overall, production by Jacob Bredahl means it's always going to sound pretty good, but when it comes to grindcore, let's be honest here: they are no Napalm Death or Brutal Truth, or County Medical Examiners. That said, it's a decent stab at playing some of the most violently aggressive music the members have tried so far.


Download: Hytteost, Phantom Pimp
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Release date 16.03.2014
5Feet Under Records

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