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Dreamcatcher EP

Written by: BL on 06/05/2014 00:48:47

Whether, I's post-hardcore sound can best be described as "made for Rise Records". Everything thing to be found of this EP titled "Dreamcatcher" is some almagation of bands on Rise Records or similar that we've already heard many times before - imagine high pitched clean vocals like Sleeping With Sirens with watered-down pop metalcore like Secrets, and ofcourse some synths to boot from almost every band in this genre. Yet if you enjoy these kind of bands does it really matter so much when "Dreamcatcher" is, if anything else also a surprisingly well made EP for such a young and new band?

Vocalist Kaleb Eddy sounds remarkably like Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens, and his presence on "Dreamcatcher" is probably the most redeeming factor, that is if Kellin's vocal style is something you like in the first place. Almost every song from opener "Is It Too Late?" relies on Kaleb delivering some impressively catchy vocal melodies as a focal point. Everything feels completely secondary by comparison especially given how pop focused and simplistic the songs are structure-wise. The screamed verses and of course the breakdowns are all extremely throwaway even on the noticeably heavier but still pretty sounding "C'est La Vie". Not once did it feel if the band were truly playing these heavier components because they felt right, but more like because they felt they had to and it's what everybody else is doing. It's less of an unforgiveable issue with Whether, I perhaps in this case as their melodic sections are just done so well by comparison - "Don't Fall Asleep" and the EP titled song perhaps the best of the bunch in an EP that is filled with great choruses.

"Dreamcatcher" is a surprisingly enjoyable listen in quite a few places despite it's obvious limitations and flaws. In many ways Whether, I are repeating what Myka, Relocate did with their recent full length last year which is to cram in as many catchy parts as possible to gloss over a complete lack of loftier ambition. With a proper album, there should be little reason why these guys won't get much bigger in the months to come in a scene that adores this kind of stuff.


Download: Temptation, Don't Fall Asleep, Dreamcatcher
For the fans of: Secrets; Sleeping With Sirens; Myka, Relocate
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Release date 01.04.2014
InVogue Records

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