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The Loner's Dance EP

Written by: BV on 05/05/2014 20:49:39

The Yes Wave is a project founded by former Won’t Lovers Revolt Now guitarist/vocalist Jeppe Cornelius. Having already released an album that, in all honesty, flew directly under my radar a few years ago, the band is now back with an EP titled “The Loner’s Dance”. The title has an eclectic ring to it that is also quite evident in the music displayed throughout the five tracks.

Opening with the underplayed, although slightly energetic “Back When the World Was Young”, it is evident that Cornelius’ lyrics and vocal work are the definite driving forces of the soundscape. However, the musicianship displayed on tracks such as this one is not to be taken for granted – carrying the sublime, yet uncannily laid-back and moody vocals is a soundscape that never comes off as particularly crowded. There’s an airy atmosphere surrounding the subtle organ and guitar-parts and although the bass and drum-work exudes power, as a rhythm section in many cases should, it never becomes overwhelming as it constantly underlines the introverted and profoundly thoughtful lyricism – delivered via equally fitting vocal work.

Admittedly, the songs displayed on “The Loner’s Dance” are not for everyone. Some would rather quickly yearn for a bit more action, in lack of a better word – whilst others would absolutely love the songwriting for what it is, and appreciate the lyrical themes of songs like the title track. Speaking of the title track, I must admit that it has quickly gained a favorable position in my mind – standing out as an absolute highlight of the EP. - With lyrics matching the constantly underlying melancholy, whilst a soulful slide-guitar melodically enters the soundscape sporadically, I can’t help myself from humming the tune to myself when nothing else is playing. Again, some might find the sparse soundscape of the verses uninteresting at this point, but it is a point of minimalism that, somehow, intrigues me quite a bit although I’m not sure it would for me, had it been extended to the runtime of a full-length album.

Ending with the massively country-esque “Dressed Up To Float”, The Yes Wave signify an undoubtedly skilled approach to the whole alternative country/indie spectrum of music. Although it is not a favored genre of mine (note: one that I have limited knowledge of) I can’t help but admire the craftsmanship surrounding these well-composed songs. Granted, some speak more to me than others – but that’s to be expected with most albums and EP’s. As far as The Yes Wave goes, I’d consider myself a fan from this EP and onwards – I look forward to what else they might have in store for the future.

Download: The Loner’s Dance, Dressed Up To Float, Back When the World Was Young
For The Fans Of: Won’t Lovers Revolt Now, Wilco, Lambchop, Tindersticks

Release date 28.04.2014

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