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Written by: MN on 30/04/2014 19:42:53

It has been a long time since I sat down by the writing board to judge a musical product, so what better way is there to shake off the cobwebs than taking on the most outrageous release on my to do list. Introducing Hardcore Anal Hydrogen. This French quartet joins the myriad of other bands with repulsive grindcore-esque names, yet where HAH manage to diversify and stand autonomously in the masses, is that their music is equally as outrageous as their choice in band name. From the likes of fellow French men, Pryapisme, to the dynamism of a Mike Patton production, HAH perform a scizophrenic concoction of world music bombarded with hardcore passages and thunderous heavy metal riffing. Their music is delightfully quirky, and through 22 minutes, manages to completely convince me of their avant-garde manifest. A 22 minute record may seem like a half-assed effort for a full length, but HAH pack the productions so chock-a-block, and you need to strap your seatbelts very tight for the ride.

First track "Dhamar" introduces tablas from hindustani musical heritage compiled with flutes, heavy riffing and synths of squeaks and squeals. Vocally, I comprehend absolutely nothing, which makes for a humourous listen. "Ramahd" continues the screeching vocal line in industrial settings, sounding like some sort of paranormal intervention into the mix. DJ scratching provides the only comprehensible words in "Funky Fresh". "Release The Crackhead" is a relentless track where theatricalities and an eerie feel take centre stage; a downright creepy song. "Pentamere" provides breathing space as the interlude uses synths to soothe the ears. The song brings in some refreshing elements of Chinese folkloric music and tribal chanting. A clever mix of folk sounds with modern synth melodies. As mentioned earlier, HAH at times sound similar to Pryapism as many elements are thrown into the blender, in which the song "Rupack" provides a brilliant example. Rocknroll, psychedelia, world and heavy metal are all clear elements present in this savage track. "KRR" is a 38 second long modern hardcore track which eventually queues one of the more interesting tracks "한오백년", which features some emotionally riveting female chinese vocals.

Hardcore Anal Hydrogen are a band that have a winning ability to combine genres in a refreshing manner. The world influences are especially tasteful when thrown in the mix of the schizophrenic hardcore compositions on here. Hardcore Anal Hydrogen could go in many directions as they seem to be on a constant strive for marking new territory, next time they should however focus on creating a longer production. In the end I yearned for more.


Download: Dhamar, Rupack, Pentamere
For The Fans Of: Pryapisme, Tomahawk
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Release Date 01.04.2014
Apathia Records

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