Beside Quiet Waters EP

Written by: TL on 12/06/2007 01:04:06

I'm getting a bit tired of making something out of the Swedish screamo uprising, so without further ado, I bring you the debut EP of the latest band off Pretty Dirty Promotions roster. If that name rings any bells whatsoever, you'll already have a pretty good idea about what to expect, and my bet is that you're probably not going to be surprised by Herbrightskies' "Beside Quiet Waters" at all.

Sound wise, we're dealing with a band that sounds a lot like their countrymen in Chemical Vocation. The thing that differentiates them from each other is that in terms of composition, these guys rely on a more aggressive and relentless formula than the very melodic and hook filled one Chemical Vocation are known for. If you've followed the Swedish scene, you'll also recognize plenty of points of similarity between this band and others rising in it at the moment.

To be brief, we're dealing with a band that possesses all the must-have properties of a good screamo band. They seem to have the passion, the bitter lyrics, the howls and screams and gang vocals. However, getting down to the more critical stuff, these guys are lacking something before they can go from being "a good screamo band" to be simply "a good band". Not unlike other bands of their style, you can't put a finger on the full on delivery of the songs, and everyone recognizes the sound of a band that "rocks hard". The problem is that while this is all good and well while you're listening to the music, this particular band hasn't mastered the art of making songs you simply have to listen to again and again. In all the screamo-quality something is missing that will simply grab your attention, hold it and then send it away making it want to return. While the problem is less apparent in songs like "Roses" and "A Massacre For The Papers", the songs don't stand apart very much, and despite the fact that these guys are indisputably good at what they do, we have simply heard the same style before more effectively in harder hitting packages.

Download: Roses, A Massacre For The Papers
For the fans of: Chemical Vocation, Adept, Blessthefall
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Release Date 21.03.2007
Pretty Dirty Promotions

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