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Panic State EP

Written by: PP on 16/04/2014 23:45:18

Hampered more by their Puerto Rico location than by their songwriting craft, D-Cent Jerks have released three EPs now with the four track "Panic State" EP being the latest one. They play a brand of high-energy punk rock that's flavored by ska melodies and horn instrumentation (trumpets and trombones), which recalls late 90s Less Than Jake and also the golden 90s melodicore punk bands like NUFAN (think "Making Friends" / "More Betterness" era). Their songs are infectiously catchy, bright and upbeat, which is why I'm questioning their location as the reason why they aren't more popular than just a few thousand Facebook likes, because it certainly isn't the songs.

Opener "Contention" plays in the same leagues as the heavyweights in ska punk. Their vocalist sings with a slightly scratchy clean vocal style giving his delivery character, and he has an undeniable knack for writing ridiculously good chorus melodies as evident in said song. When the guitars ring melodically in the best late 90s style at the same time, what's not to like? The trumpets and trombones are played with speed, adding to the in-your-face energy that the song already possesses from the get go. By writing material like this, they should be on everyone's radar who's listening to these sorts of bands. Second track "Learn The Facts" isn't as bright and carries a slower tempo overall, but it's still super catchy and enjoyable in its own right. The slight skate punk vibe on the background gives the song nice flavor. The title track is a more standard ska punk track, though still a nice listen. Finally, "Broken Shell" closes the EP with solid bass lines, power chords, and more rowdy vocals/horns interplay that has been on such a great display throughout the record.

In the end, "Panic State" doesn't reinvent the wheel, nor does it need to. It merely plays ska punk exactly as it should be played: with energy, passion, and with irresistible melodies that stick to you on first listen. I hear they're releasing a full length this summer, so consider this your early warning. Something good's coming your way very, very soon.

Download: Contention
For the fans of: Less Than Jake, The Real Danger, We Are The Union
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Release date 16.08.2013

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