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Through the Haze

Written by: BV on 12/04/2014 15:11:34

Lots of interesting sounds seem to coming out via Sulatron records these days. One of them, the album “Through the Haze” by Deep Space, will be the focus point of this review. Having first encountered the band on the initial poster for Copenhagen Psych Fest, I was quite intrigued by the band as a whole. Having then been sent their album as promo material, I couldn’t find myself a good reason not to be the reviewer of these psychedelic sounds.

As the album opens with “Work”, there is an abundance of up-tempo grooves going on. The vocal work has that sort of spacious character to it whilst the soundscape in general lives quite nicely up to the band name, seeing as Deep Space is most definitely where we’re headed on this musical journey. This reverberating piece of fuzzy madness is a potent album opener which sets the tone quite nicely for the coming tunes throughout this 5-song trip.

With “Vibrations” Deep Space touch upon a lengthy, garage-sounding trip. The simplistic opening riff touches upon a few open chords, supplementing the echoing, almost wailing vocal work. At first a lush, albeit minimalist-inspired soundscape, “Vibrations” gradually evolves into a full-on hybrid of garage-rock and space rock. - Constantly fuzzing up their quest of reaching the very limits of outer space via pure, unadulterated psych sounds. The track also contains some quite noteworthy lead guitar parts – not in the sense that it is some ‘heroic’ soloing - rather they are pieces of melody and small instrumental hooks that support an otherwise drone-based soundscape. - Thus making the track sustainable and quite a lot easier to get through as the listener never really gets stuck at any one point of the track.

The absolute highlight of the album for me though, is the magnificent “Motorcycle” which, with its 15 minutes of runtime makes for quite the lengthy journey to the very outskirts of Deep Space’s musical abilities. Opening with a spoken word passage, it is quite obvious that this particular piece of music is based on an inherent sense of eclecticism found within the band. As the spoken word piece gradually unfolds, so does the spacious soundscape as it forcefully builds up towards a climax of near-epic proportions in a veritable flurry of indiscernible sounds all mashed together in a blazing exercise in cacophony. – Only to then gradually implode and start over with these lush vibrations of sound.

In summary, Deep Space are most definitely a cool band – one I strongly urge readers of this to watch out for as their next release (if one such ever sees the light of day) might very well be a genuine bad-ass of a record. I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open, at least.


Download: Lady Heroin, Work, Motorcycle
For The Fans Of: Cosmonauts, The Hedgehogs, White Manna

Release date 28.03.2014
Sulatron Records

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