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Written by: MN on 01/04/2014 16:04:27

Bristol-based outfit Mind Museum have previously been reviewed by us and the verdict was that despite MM's contagious, energetic and intense take on rock with punk elements, it unfortunately also is very streamlined and clean with no peculiarities/originalities to note. Indeed, the question remains whether Mind Museum can remain relevant in the swarm of driven rock bands such as Biffy Clyro, We Are The Ocean and Muse, each of which retain a popularity and uniqueness to boot. My first impressions of Mind Museum is that they pack a lot of power in their execution, and an inclination to melody and emotionally riveting lyrics. Something I know can captivate a significant audience.

Their 2011 release “The Power Of Three” was a mini album that contained some very uplifting and punk-driven compositions where tracks like “Rat Race” and “Everything Eventually” are in essence no-frills, envigorating pop punk. However, it was songs like “The Secret Of Happiness” which had some of the depth that was missing from previous records. Now back on the radar with yet another EP, the latest release “One Blood” clearly incorporates a more melancholic feel than previous records. Their sound, thankfully, has becomes less fluttery and more sincere. Vocalist Justin E. Percival's voice clearly works better in this format. In previous release, his vocals seemed a bit strained in some very rushed productions, here at least some of the songs are allowed to slowly blossom rather than be induced with steroids.

The punk elements are however not completely retired as songs like “Wake Up” contains an anthemic chorus not unlike earlier releases. “Lie To Me”, which is also featured in a music video, displays Percival's vocals at their best, same goes for his efforts on “One Blood” where the emotive singing is cranked to the max in a song of friendship. Instrumentally, the songs contain no-frills modern rock that leave little room for experimentation, and for this reason it is clear that Mind Museum are trying to reach a very broad audience. “Answers” is a bit more raucuous than the rest of the tracks and is a nice change as the interplay between quiet and the heavier parts gives some excitement to the piece. The EP is sealed by “All The Kings Men” which is one of the better tracks, with the lyricism making for a refreshing ending to the record.

Mind Museum's newest release is without a doubt a worthwhile listen, but it does not seem like the band I would sit intently and listen to in hopes of new discoveries. Their music probably appeals to a wider audience and for that reason could probably garner a significant following. I would however like to see Mind Museum reduce the speed in their songwriting and allow some songs to further develop a little bit, perhaps let the instruments carry some of the creative weight. I would also like to see how Mind Museum handle recording a full length record eventually.

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Release Date 31.03.2014
Secret Chord Records

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