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Horses EP

Written by: PP on 23/03/2014 15:50:11

Drowned Session is a Copenhagen based semi-acoustic folk band that relies on minimalism and dark ambiance to create an earthly atmosphere on their new EP "Horses". The soundscapes are quiet, but yet there's enough texture to keep you interested especially on "Stalingrad" and "Evening Waltz". Here, banjo and mandolin are used as the key instruments to support the baritone vocals that recall the work by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds.

Bass and electric guitar are also used to an extent, but not as the carrying forces of the expression. They are merely support instruments to give some volume to the otherwise quiet folk expression delivered on the record - here the aforementioned mandolin and banjo are cleverly used to create an authentic folk atmosphere that simply wouldn't be possible through acoustic guitar only. The five songs each explore the folk genre from various directions, with "The Goddess" being louder and more eventful with its build up and progressive crescendo throughout the song, while the piano-led "Everything Slowly Disappears" relies almost 100 percent on the vocals.

This works to an extent - but I must admit that there's really not that much going on during "Horses" to warrant high praises. Yes, it's a decent record with songs that you can under no circumstances call bad, but are they strong enough to play with the best? I'm not convinced, but "Horses" is nonetheless a decent folk interpretation overall.

Download: Stalingrad, Evening Waltz
For the fans of: The Twilight Singers, Tom Waits, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
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Release date 24.03.2014

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