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Food Chain

Written by: PP on 23/03/2014 15:23:02

The Bunny The Bear continue to churn out albums with enormous amounts of facepalm as the primary ingredient. The sheer audacity of their brazen electronic sampling and digitalized effects on their material shows blatant and almost arrogant disregard to traditional songwriting, as cut and paste is used on even footing with the guitar pick to construct these concoctions that are passed as 'songs' on their studio albums. The frequency of releases should tell you all you need to know about their musical depth, as "Food Chain" is their fifth album in as many years.

Admittedly, they do have the ability to fool the younger audience through some fairly catchy clean vocals embedded as a contrast to The Bunny's low-end shrieks and screams. These, too, offer some unusual rhythmic choices such as the screams in "The Seeds We Sow", which have more in common with hip hop beats than what you're used to hearing from metalcore bands. "Skyscrapers" is an entirely clean sung song which, while drowning in autotune and electronic pitch correction, is a surprisingly catchy track. Likewise, "Flying Like A Bird" has vocal patterns that are probably fun stuff live especially with the strong presence of the electronics on the background.

Still, as a music critic it is extremely difficult if not impossible to accept the utter stupidity of The Bunny The Bear songs. The one chord guitars are used so sparingly as backing instrumentation rather than as the leads for the songs, where electronic copy/paste is supposed to drive the songs forward. The problem is, the songs are so ridiculously simple in their nature that they have zero lasting value. That's probably exactly why there's a need to put out a new album every year as the only means of maintaining any sort of fan base of teenagers ignorant to quality bands even within the electronic post-hardcore genre.


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Release date 18.03.2014
Victory Records

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