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You have to give some credit for Sacramento based HOODS for still writing new music despite the numerous line up changes, a miserable failure as a part of Victory's emo-driven roster and spending an enormous amount of money on DIY touring across the globe. Yes, it can be concluded that HOODS have the hardcore ideals set in stone, but as their seventh album "Ghettoblaster" suggests, that isn't always enough to write a punk hardcore masterpiece.

Straight from the menacing title track, it's all about pumping fists and stage dives at tiny venues for "Ghettoblaster". You know the drill, it's rough-edged power chords and harshly yelled uncompromising vocals all the way for the 30 or so minutes that the album lasts, which experienced live morphs into a few dozen intense mosh pits where bruises and pain aren't spared. Apparently the band has two vocalists, but I only noticed this while inspecting the promo sheet, as it is hardly noticeable on the album aside from the occasionaly gang yells scattered across the album, so I'm not exactly sure what they are trying to achieve by having two instead of one. But hey, if the songs make you wanna bounce off the walls like "Serenity" or "Beat Cops" do in the best Sick Of It All manner, who cares if they have one, two or seven vocalists. It's the end result that matters.

The production has been minimal, leaving the buzzing distortion and harsh vocal edges in tact, which in effect is the signature sound of this genre and has been HOODS' formula for the last decade as well. This is best seen when comparing the final two live bonus tracks to the album tracks - the difference is so small that when challanged I probably wouldn't be able to point out anything else than the faded crowd chant on the background as an indicator between the two.

"Ghettoblaster" boats of all the qualities that define a good hardcore album. It is menacing, unproduced, passes through the DIY-filter and is full of songs perfect for intimate shows. For what it's worth, "Ghettoblaster" is probably best experienced live at basement-style shows. Any bigger than that, and the whole vibe is lost. But realistically, if you weren't a fan of the hardcore scene before, "Ghettoblaster" is unlikely to convert you.

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Release date 20.04.2007
A-Team / Eulogy
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