The Comfort Of Home

Written by: PP on 12/07/2005 04:58:39

Rufio's third studio album "The Comfort Of Home" continues where the band left off with their 2003 release "MCMLXXXV". Fast paced, complex, almost toylike guitar hooks surrounded by high toned, poppy vocals are the formula for the entire album; if you've heard the first single "Out Of Control" you have a pretty good idea of what this album will sound like. While I like the band, they have never really stroke me as anything special and this new record doesn't do the trick for me either. That being said, it still has lots of great songs on it like "A Simple Line" and "Never Learn" which found their way straight to my imaginary ipod, but the album has too many tracks that just sound too similar to each other, so the album loses its identity. On one end, we have the fast paced melodic punk rock anthems like "Out Of Control" and "Never Learn", but we also have mid-paced songs like "A View To Save" towards the end of the album, that just say nothing to me. If you like "Out Of Control", consider buying this album but else don't bother.


Download: Out Of Control, Mental Games
For the fans of: All But None, A Wilhelm Scream

Release date 12.07.2005
Nitro Records

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