Jesus On Extasy

Holy Beauty

Written by: PP on 04/06/2007 15:01:02

Jesus On Extasy. The name of the band has more things wrong with it than I could possibly describe here, but lets just consider a few of its dimensions; immorality, blasphemy as well as ridiculousness. So when the promo sheet reads the band had consumed several bottles of vodka before christening (heh!) themselves Jesus On Extasy, I suddenly don't find their name that strange at all, nor their direction for that matter.

Musically, Jesus On Extasy leans heavily on the trance and industrial rock genres. The synths on the background of "Drowning" wouldn't feel out of place in a massive German trance club, and as a whole the song sounds roughly like something you have seen in movies like Vin Diesel's xXx. For the uninformed, imagine pyro-effects and caged dancers, and large airport hangar style halls echoing with dance beats from wall to wall. "Neochrome" is a song that could've easily been on a Revolting Cocks album, in that it has rougher guitars and distorted vocals that sound more like feedback than actual singing - think the vampire discotechque scenes from Blade here atmosphere wise. As you can already see the song styles vary quite significantly throughout the album - there are even some operatic vocals on "Nuclear Bitch" drawing parallels to a few gothic-industrial bands out there. The singing in "2nd Skin" reminds me of Marily Manson, and not in a bad way at all. The restrained, sing-to-shock style fits their style well, although it is not used on every track. In "Alone" for instance, vocalist Deveraux uses a much more hollow style, adding a strange underwater effect to contrast the strings on the background.

As much as I'd like to kill this band for its ridiculous name in this review, I can't objectively do that because musically the band is mildly awesome. It's not something I'd pop on myself mainly because it is so strange, but should my WinAmp shuffle rotate onto a song of theirs I wouldn't be in a hurry to change the song. Chances are, that upon hearing "Holy Beauty" you'll think to yourself "I haven't heard anything like this ever before", and most of the time that's a great sign. Think Enter Shikari gone industrial without the screams.


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For the fans of: Marilyn Manson, Revolting Cocks, Nine Inch Nails, Enter Shikari
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Release date 30.03.2007
e-Wave Records
Provided by Target ApS

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