The Cult of Dom Keller

The Second Bardo

Written by: BV on 07/03/2014 20:57:20

Since my earliest beginnings at, I have been witness to a slow, then rapidly increasing growth in the creation and release of new psychedelic music. I am not as naïve as to infer that psychedelic music ceased to exist for a while, but it would seem as if all the psychedelia that was building up in the underground is finally finding a new outlet and a steadily growing appreciation of the genre. – So much so, that I am actually having trouble following the developments now. This is also the case with The Cult of Dom Keller – whose first release was unknown to me until I received their second effort, “The Second Bardo”, which will be the album this review will focus on.

Opening with the fuzzily reverberating “Plague of All”, it would seem that The Cult of Dom Keller have remained pretty much consistent in the development from their first effort in to this one. They’re still heavy, they’re still psychedelic and they’re, fortunately, still enticing it would seem. Granted, having only recently listened to their debut effort a handful of times, it has probably not affected me in the same way as the devout fans. However, from what I’m hearing the band has maintained a general vibe of chaos and disarray around them, whilst having also grown into a tighter and more cohesive unit. The seamless shift from simplistic riffing to grandiose, fuzzy and almost space-rock sounding soundscapes seems to underline this as pure fact. In spite of having cool riffs on its own, it would also seem that the vocals – echoing as much, if not more, than ever before are carrying their fair share of the soundscape. The lyrics underline the ominous undertones of the album whilst never really making the whole thing seem forced or contrived.

This impression continues on tracks like “Dead Seas” and “GodShaker” which are equal bits chaotic and consistent, haunting and in-your-face. There is an underlying duality to the whole nature of the album, actually, as it consistently borders on the line between spacious, reverberating psychedelia and down-right brutal fuzz-rock bordering on the edge of stoner-metal topped off with doom elements.

In spite of their insistence on remaining a musical depiction of duality, there is a strange sense of coherence present on the album - making it seem like a generally varied musical experience. It’s never really tiresome even though some passages are clearly felt as being significantly longer than others. The Cult of Dom Keller cannot yet claim to have written a definitive masterpiece, but they are well on their way. The Second Bardo might not be groundbreaking, but within the confines of occult-sounding psychedelic rock, they’re most definitely great at what they do.


Download: Plague of All, Dead Seas, The Second Bardo, Killed in My Sleep
For the fans of: The Lucid Dream, The Asteroid #4, Holy Wave
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Release date 03.03.2014
Cardinal Fuzz Records

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